Portugal Residence
(Golden Visa)

One of the most successful Golden Visa programs in Europe.
Whole Family
5 years for citizenship
Spend Only 7 Days in Portugal
Freedom of movement in Schengen

Ways To Gain Portuguese Residency By Investment

Real Estate Investment
Annual property tax is 0.4% of the cadastral property value.

Real Estate Investment 1

Investors are presented with a selection between two distinct pathways:
Option One: A minimum investment of €350,000+ is required for the acquisition of real estate that is either more than 30 years old or situated within designated restoration zones. In cases where the property is located in sparsely populated regions, an entry price of €280,000 may apply.

Real Estate Investment 2

Option Two: Alternatively, investors can opt for a higher investment of €500,000+ to procure contemporary residential or commercial real estate.For properties constructed within the last 30 years and positioned in sparsely populated locales, the investment threshold is set at €400,000+.
Other Investment Options

Purchase of Investment Fund

This option is a great choice for getting a Portugal Golden Visa if you don't plan to live in Portugal or invest in real estate. An investment fund is like a financial group that collects and grows money.The fund takes the collected money and uses it to buy different things like houses or shops, Portuguese businesses, factories, or shares in European companies. You need at least €500,000 to join the fund, and you have to keep your money there for at least 5 years.Usually, you'll get your money back in around 6-10 years. The fund shares the money it makes with all the people who put money in, but it takes a small part for itself.

Business Investment

Creation of at least 5 job places.

Opening a company

Creation of at least 10 jobs.

Capital transfer

€1.5 million capital transfer.

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