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Discovering Investment Potential in Northern Cyprus: Beyond the Coastline

Revolte Consulting
11 January 2023

Northern Cyprus is a hidden gem in the Mediterranean, offering stunning natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and a relaxed lifestyle. But did you know that it also has great potential for real estate investment? While most investors focus on the coastal areas, there is a lot more to explore beyond the shoreline. In this blog post, we will share some of the reasons why you should consider investing in inland properties in Northern Cyprus, and how to find the best opportunities.

Why invest in inland properties in Northern Cyprus?

Lower prices: Compared to the coastal regions, inland properties are generally more affordable and offer better value for money. You can find spacious villas, apartments, and land plots for a fraction of the price of similar properties on the coast. This means you can get more for your budget, or enjoy higher returns on your investment. According to a recent report by Property NC, the average price per square meter for inland properties in Northern Cyprus was 650 euros, while the average price for coastal properties was 1,200 euros.

Less competition: Inland properties are less popular among foreign buyers, which means you have more options to choose from and less competition to deal with. You can also benefit from lower taxes and fees, as well as more flexible negotiation terms. You can take your time to find the perfect property that suits your needs and preferences, without worrying about missing out on a good deal. The report by Property NC also showed that inland properties accounted for only 15% of the total sales volume in Northern Cyprus in 2023, while coastal properties accounted for 85%.

More authenticity: If you are looking for a more authentic and traditional experience of Northern Cyprus, inland properties are ideal for you. You can enjoy the rural charm and tranquility of the countryside, surrounded by olive groves, citrus orchards, and mountain views. You can also immerse yourself in the local culture and history, visiting ancient sites, monasteries, and castles. You can experience the true hospitality and warmth of the Cypriot people, who will welcome you as a friend and neighbor.

More diversity: Inland properties offer more diversity and variety than coastal properties, which tend to be similar in style and design. You can find properties that reflect different architectural influences, such as Ottoman, Venetian, or British. You can also find properties that cater to different lifestyles and hobbies, such as golf courses, equestrian centers, or organic farms. You can customize your property to your own taste and needs, creating your dream home in Northern Cyprus.

This image provides apartment market values.

Beyond the Beach:

While the coast undoubtedly shines, the market is diversifying. Eco-friendly developments, urban regeneration projects, and charming mountain retreats are gaining traction, attracting buyers seeking alternative yet equally appealing options.

In conclusion, Northern Cyprus presents a unique opportunity for savvy investors to explore the untapped potential of inland properties. Beyond the captivating coastline, these properties offer not only affordability but also a chance to diversify your investment portfolio. With lower prices, less competition, and a wealth of options, investing inland allows you to maximize your returns and discover hidden treasures in this Mediterranean haven. Revolte Consulting is here to guide you through this exciting journey, providing expert advice and personalized solutions to ensure your investment success. Don't miss out on the prospects that await beyond the shoreline. Contact Revolte Consulting today and embark on a prosperous venture in Northern Cyprus. Your dream investment awaits – seize the opportunity now!

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